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Friday, July 07, 2017 Comments (0)

Bosch has released newer variants of their vastly well-liked and best selling 4000 series table saws. The newer versions of the table saws is the Bosch 4100 table saw series. This new series has three different models.

They are as follows:

1. The Bosch 4100 table saw - standard base unit that does not include the Gravity Rise Stand. This unit will be bought if portability is not an issue or you would like to mount this unit on a bench or stand you already own.

2. The Bosch 4100 09 table saw. This is the second unit in the series and incorporates Bosch's award winning Gravity Rise Stand. If portability is wanted then this model is an excellent acquisition.

3. The top of the range in the series is the Bosch 4100dg table saw. This unit includes the Gravity Rise stand plus Digital Squarelock Rip fence. If greatest precision plus portability is required then this unit is what you are searching for.

All of the above models however have the base technology of the Bosch 4100 table saw series. Let us have a short run through of what the newer technology features above the older 4000 series models.

� To begin with all the models in the new 4100 series comes with the latest Smart Guard System. This technology presents maximum safety with a tool free modular blade guard, anti-kickback pawls & riving knife. As mentioned there are no tools required whatsoever to take off or attach any of these features making it really user friendly. Plus the newly designed blade guard works separately with one another to provide better control and safety whilst cutting.

Secondly every one of of the models apart from the 4100dg incorporate the Squarelock Rip fence. This fence has been designed and built for utmost trueness and it glides with ease along the rail and will firmly lock into place where needed to. This decisive locking mechanism allows great consistent precise cutting. The 4100dg on the other hand comes with the digital version of this to gain the ultimate in precision cutting.

� All of the models boast a generous machined aluminium table top. They are actually the leading in the range with dimensions of 29inches by 21.5 inches. This superior work surface will allow you to be able to rip larger stock or timber a lot faster and easier. The table has side extensions and if added supports are considered necessary one can easily buy a rear or side extension support for the Bosch 4100 table saw range.

� An added patented feature or technology, I should say, is the Constant Response Circuitry that is applied in the Bosch 4100 table saws. This technology screens the power output of the motor and directly increases the torque of the motor when needed to maintain a unvarying power output when cutting. Still under intense load cutting the motor's power remains steady and smooth. The Soft Start technology, another attribute, enables the unit to run quieter than most other table saws as well.

� Last but not least, and a feature that impresses many, is that every one of the accessories such as the Smart Guard System, Fence, Miter Gauge and push stick store neatly and securly on the base of the unit. It even has a storage place for extra saw blades. Pretty handy.

To summarise the Bosch 4100 table saw series is the upgraded form of the top selling 4000 series and it is already proving to be a winner amongst the trade. There are loads of favorable comments for the Bosch 4100 table saw. Here are one or 2 of the customer comments:

"Great saw!, April 20, 2010
By P. Novak"

This review is from: Bosch 4100 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw.
"This is the first table saw I have owned, although I have used a really old Shopsmith. This saw is a delight to use. Assembly took about 10 minutes which really involved finding and removing all of the packing supplies, and adding the safety devices. The blade was square on arrival. All of the components were there, and survived delivery with no trauma. I've cut 3/4 and 1/4 birch plywood, and poplar hardwood so far, with no concerns. The tearout was minimum, a great deal less than I anticipated. The saw has all of the safety features, blade guard, splitter, and anti-kickback fingers. I saw that the anti-kickback feature certainly works, a piece of plywood I was cutting lifted a little while cutting. There is a dust port in the rear that I hooked my shopvac to, it takes care of nearly all of the dust, but there will be some beneath the unit after cutting. The noise level wasn't unpleasant, louder than a drill press, less than a circular saw."

Fantastic quality of construction
By A. Jones (Portland, Oregon)

This review is from: Bosch 4100 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw
"This is my first table saw. Or rather it is my third because I had to return the first two. I required something to redo my interior trim and then to have around for forthcoming projects. My first two efforts were a $130 Harbor Freight cheapo (fence not precise and just in general a inadequate design) and a SKIL 3400 which is apparently a $200 saw but the design/quality of the blade guard/antikickbacks was poor and impossible to adjust to blade. I understand now why a good number are forced to run the saw with these features removed. Following this occurrence I went to the local big box store which had the Bosch and Hitachi so I could examine in person. The fence on the $225 Hitachi would go out of square when tightened. I was blown away by the quality of the Bosch and I required a saw with safety features that I wasn't going to be forced to remove.

I acquired this saw from Amazon in 2 days via Prime. I've no idea how much it cost them as it's HEAVY. I opted for the saw not including the gravity stand as I'm short on space. The other saws I tried I could carry around myself easily. The Bosch requires 2 people. I can barely pick it up, it is that sturdy. Heavy is good in terms of accurateness when the saw is running. If you have to to move it around solo you will need the gravity stand. I may end up buying it.

The quality of the unit and fit and finish is simply top-notch. If you welcome things that are well made and well designed, this is the saw for you. It arrives with a quick install guide. Reading this I had the riving knife, guard assembly and anti-kickbacks installed first time in under 5 minutes, no adjustment required, everything is just correct. How amazing is that? Now I know how it works, it's 30 second job to remove/reinstall them. In addition the blade guard is a completely different design that just works.

The fence is fabulous also. Smooth sliding and does not lose accuracy when you fasten it down.

It's a $400 saw, you can get less costly ones for sure but this product redefines the saying you get what you pay for".

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